National Teen Driver Safety Week of Virtual Activities!

Event Date: 
Sunday, October 18, 2020 - 05:15 to Saturday, October 24, 2020 - 22:15


New York SADD is helping make YOU safer during National Teen Driver Safety Week!! 

Check out the full week of fun virtual events.  Everything you participate in earns you points that could win you FREE SADD & Partner SWAG*!! 

10/18 - SUNDAY
Kick off w/ the NY SLC

10/19 - MONDAY
Impaired Driving

  • we're talking all about impaired driving... check our Insta stories 
  • Our friends @ AAA share "Shifting Gears" LIVE at 3:30PM, register here.

10/20 - TUESDAY
GDL & More

  • what is GDL? how does it work? what does it mean for new drivers? follow our stories to learn more about GDL in NY & ask questions! 
  • Our friends @ AAA share "Getting Pulled Over" LIVE at 3:30PM, register here.

Safe Driving 101

  • Vlogs for Watch Out Wednesday from the NY SLC! 
  • NY SLC talks about how easy to is to enter the NRSF #DrivingSkills101 Contest!
  • Play the SADD Safety Scavenger Hunt #Challenge! (Ck the Insta stories!)
    • Rules:
    • NY SADD will post common traffic signs that you need to locate in your community 
    • Students should post pics of themselves w/ traffic signs as entries, need to find at least 3 matching signs & post on stories for entry to giveaway
    • Must be exercising safety measures when taking pics (i.e. not on a highway exit ramp or a dangerous road)
    • Must use #SADDScavengerHunt and tag @NewYorkSADD 

10/22 - THURSDAY
Distracted Driving

  • Our friends @ TextLess Live More share "Get Living Live" with our very own Speakers Bureau presenter, Jacy Good, chatting directly with YOU! (MUST preregister here)
  • Share your stories of distraction to help others! Check Insta for more.

10/23 - FRIDAY

  • The NY SLC is taking over! 
  • We're playing Car Parked Karaoke #Challenge! Show us your karaoke skills while safely parked in the car!
    • Rules: 
    • This is just like Carpool Karaoke!! 
    • SADD Members will post Car Parked Karaoke (with the CAR PARKED) on their social stories and tag @NewYorkSADD for sharing
    • Car MUST NOT be moving!!!
    • Songs must approtate and no innapropriate language/themes
    • Extra points for doing a song about driving or cars! 


The more you participate in each of these activities, the more points you earn!!

Check out our GIVEAWAY platform for more details!

*We will be giving away swag budles from NY SADD, TextLess Live More, & the National Road Safety Foundation!!  

Follow us @NewYorkSADD.

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